Salomons Memorial, Box Hill

The monument to Leopold Salomon, who in 1914 donated the 94 hectares of Box Hill to the National Trust, now receives over a million visitors a year. Due to this level of attraction, the monument and surrounding pathways were starting to show their age. To mark the 100th anniversary funding was approved to refurbish the monument.

Working directly for the National Trust, Stone Edge Conservation was appointed to carry out the remedial works under the supervision of the landscape architects. All the existing cementitious mortar to the rubble walling was raked out by hand and re-pointed in a lime based mortar. The copings were replaced and the orientation points were hand carved on site to the sky surface of the stones.

To cope with the increased visitor levels, new radial Scotch Buff steps were laid and resin bonded pathways installed to the landings and surrounding paths. The monument was re-opened by the Director General of the National Trust, Dame Helen Ghosh, in September 2016.

Key Elements Included:

  • Lime mortar pointing
  • New Sandstone copings & steps
  • Resin Bonded pathways
  • Hand carving of lettering