Euston House, London

Euston House was built in 1934 to become the headquarters of the British Railway Board. Located directly adjacent to Euston Station, the building has a longstanding relationship with the railways and is currently used by Network Rail and other training bodies. Constructed in a typical steel frame and masonry cladding design, the facades showed evidence of movement and atmospheric pollution.

Stone Edge Conservation was appointed as principal contractor to undertake the cleaning of the Portland stone and red brick façade and to refurbish the existing aluminium windows. Following extensive investigation works by the consulting engineer into some significant displacement of the masonry, we were instructed to install a Cathodic Protection system to prevent further corrosion of the steel frame.

Despite the building being fully occupied throughout the contract, Stone Edge Conservation carried out these potentially disruptive works with minimal interference with the building’s day to day operations. A key factor to delivering the project on time was our full-time, non-working site manager who developed good relationships with the building manager and occupants and who’s liaison and constant communication helped to provide a successful project.

Key Elements Included: 

  • Façade Cleaning
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Masonry and Stone repairs
  • Roof repairs
  • Spraying of Aluminium Windows