Half Moon Theatre

London’s Half Moon Young People’s Theatre, identified the former Limehouse Board of Works on White Horse Road, Stepney as a suitable building for their permanent East London base.

Located in the hamlet of Ratcliffe, the building was originally constructed as Limehouse District Board of Work’s offices between 1862-4. The office was constructed at No.43 White Horse Road by surveyor, C.R Dunch.

Stone Edge Conservation were commissioned to carefully undertake the restoration of the wonderful stucco façades and structural supporting steelwork and parapets, followed by full external redecoration.

Key Elements included:

  • Careful removal of layers of historic paintwork
  • Repair and part replacement of Stucco mortar
  • Structural restoration of support steelwork
  • Re-build of unstable parapets
  • Redecoration of Stucco work