Stone Carving and Repair

The decision to remove the existing fabric of any historic building should not be taken lightly. At Stone Edge Conservation we take the approach of minimum intervention so as to retain as much of the original masonry as possible. However, this is not always the practical solution particularly where there are issues with water ingress and loss of detail that can expedite the erosion of the masonry below, or in worst case scenarios where the masonry has become unstable and poses a risk.

There are a number of important factors to consider when undertaking repairs such as the geology of the stone. Where possible the stone should be matched to the original and if no longer available a suitable approved equivalent, with similar properties offered as an alternative.

A further consideration is whether to carry out a natural stone indent or an in-situ repair using specialist mortar repair mixes. The choice of repair will depend on the extent of masonry to replace, it’s location within the façade, cost and timescale.

At Stone Edge Conservation we are able to offer the following services:-

  • Stone Matching
  • Sampling
  • Condition survey
  • Detailing & Design
  • Masonry repairs & replacement

Our in-house team of skilled craftspeople range from accomplished restorers to highly skilled banker masons capable of carving the most intricate detail. They are well versed in undertaking repairs to historic buildings and ensure only the highest quality workmanship is undertaken to preserve the building for future generations.