Heritage Brickwork

As with all elements of traditional older buildings, deterioration and decay are a major cause for concern if not properly maintained. Brickwork is no exception to this and deterioration is caused by many differing factors including, spalling (deterioration of the brick surface) and soft, crumbling mortar. Surface growth and staining (white residue on the wall face) is a further sign of decay, generally caused by excess moisture. Large cracks appearing and bricks that look misaligned are generally caused by structural faults.

It is important to identify the root cause and repair the effected brickwork as soon as possible, preventing the problem from spreading and causing further damage.

Stone Edge Conservation are specialists in sourcing, matching and carrying out brickwork and pointing repairs to match exactly those of the existing structure. We carry out searches to ensure the correct and most suitable lime and sand aggregates are used in both re-build and restoration projects.