War memorial completed in record time

War memorial completed in record time

A beautiful new war memorial has been completed in just two weeks, thanks to the expert stonemasons at Stone Edge Conservation.

Located in Merton, Greater London, the new structure answered calls to commemorate war heroes from the area who gave their lives fighting for their country.

The memorial, which was commissioned by the local council, has been well received by the public because it adds a unique and attractive aesthetic to the region.

Stone Edge’s work included stone detailing, the manufacture of perfectly clean Portland based stone and the carving of crucifixes and stone fixings.

Memorials such as this would usually take over a month to construct, but Stone Edge Conservation completed it in just two weeks in time for the grand opening.

The War Memorial is located adjacent to the entrance of Merton Civic Centre.

Posted by andres@foundrydigital.co.uk on 26th Jul, 2012