Clock Tower Repairs at East Ham Town Hall, East London

East Ham Town Hall is a Grade II* listed building designated for its historical and architectural importance. The Town Hall building is part of a larger complex of municipal buildings constructed around 1901. The walls are made of London stock brick in the main, with glazed red Accrington brick and terracotta details and decorative elements.

East Ham Town Hall, East London

Stone Edge is tasked with conservation work to the town hall clock tower, to prevent future deterioration. We are completing timber repairs to the cupola and finials over the clock tower, replacing terracotta and installing structural steel supports. The aim is to retain as much of the existing fabric as possible and incorporate good conservation maintenance. For example we are minimising water ingress into the facade and repairing the defective elements. We are using compatible techniques and materials that will not compromise the long-term health of the building structure and decorative features.

Posted by Deli Bryan on 25th Jul, 2017